1. Books will be issued only on the prescribed day, as per the timetable given below.
  2. Books for reading will be available to the students, through the librarian only.
  3. Only one book will be issued on the library card for a period of 7 days.
  4. Books should be returned on the due dates. If a book is to be returned before the due date, it should be returned only during the recess time.
  5. If the due date falls on a holiday, the book should be returned on the following day.
  6. If a student fails to return the book on or before the due date, a fine of Re 5.00 will be charged per day.
  7. If a library book is lost by a student, he/she must pay the fine of (Rs.50) and the amount of the book or replace the same book.
  8. Writing anything anywhere in the book is not allowed and if done there will be a fine.
  9. Reference books should be used only in the library and will not be issued for home use/reading.

Time table for issuing the library books

Day Class Issue Time
Monday II Before School Starts,
during Lunch break
or after the school
Tuesday III
Wednesday IV
Thursday V
Friday VI,  VII, VIII, IX, X


For the classes,

Nursery, LKG, HKG & Std. I,  library books are issued in the class.