The school curriculum is designed for a well-rounded learning experience and focuses on three main aspects of education:

  • A range of subjects comprising Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art & Crafts, and Music are taught to develop a good grounding in subjects across different areas of study.
  • Knowledge skills focuses on developing the child’s thinking process and communication skills.
  • Character Development is done by instilling sound values in the child, to take him through life as a responsible adult. Children get many opportunities to develop life skills through Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), Civics and Moral Education, Social Emotional Learning, National Education and Physical Education.



The primary focus of the classroom is activities that engage the learner’s mind. At VPNCPS, collaboration and independent learning among students is provided in an environment in which students are simultaneously nurtured and challenged. Cooperative and collaborative learning are instructional approaches in which students work together in small groups to accomplish a common learning goal.

The stimulation and inherent creativity fostered by this collaboration is seen by the students’ enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. Teaching methodology at VPNCPS is based on the latest pedagogy and students are engaged in Active Learning which improves students’ understanding and retention of information and can be very effective in developing higher order cognitive skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

Students are actively engaged in discussions which deepen their learning and develop their views. We also follow the “Experiential Learning” approach which focuses on “learning by doing”. With the inquiry method of instruction, students arrive at an understanding of concepts by themselves and the responsibility for learning rests with them. This method encourages students to build research skills that can be used throughout their educational experiences.

Another important teaching learning methodology at NCPS is “Problem-based Learning (PBL)” which is an instructional method that challenges students to “learn to learn”, working in groups to seek solutions to real world problems. And lastly, students are trained in “Writing assignments” which provide an opportunity for them to apply critical thinking skills as well as help them to learn course content. Thus we aim to develop life – long learners at NCPS.